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Our Mission is to consult and advise on energy issues, challenges, and problems we are faced with while providing practical solutions that leverage innovative technology to improve business performance and address ESG concerns. Value is measured by reducing cost, improving performance or recovery, and achieving various ESG metrics.

What is in scope:

Oil, natural gas, unconventional resources, renewable and transitional energy sources, as well as assessment of innovative solutions involving early startups. In particular, this includes improving hydrocarbon recovery at a lower cost, emissions reduction, low or even non-carbon energy sources such as under-utilized wave energy, waste-water clean-up and associated extraction of valuable metals (lithium & others).

HelP provide solutions to ESG concerns:

  • Environmental protection, sustainability and possible effects tied to climate change
  • Social protection of human (and animal) rights, emphasizing diversity and inclusion
  • Governance by ensuring management and employees recognize the importance of meeting ESG objectives

Overview and Advisory Service Areas:

Rusty (John R.) Gilbert formed JR Gilbert Energy LLC and has extensive experience in the energy business and a proven track record for providing immediate business value, involving upstream, downstream, and midstream. These accomplishments were conducted in a variety of ways including introducing, influencing and deploying new innovative technologies, often from startups and smaller companies, desiring accelerated scale-up.

In unconventional plays, improvements were often made to completion basis of design, well spacing and landing zones. In international areas, new basins and productive trends were often identified using a limited amount of cross-discipline data that was integrated and fully evaluated.

For example, the United States is at critical cross-roads in developing its unconventional resources and working-over mature wells. Hydrocarbon recovery and economics can be significantly improved by applying new technology. In parallel, advancements are being made with renewables, energy storage and reducing emissions that need to be tested and implemented so continuous improvements are made. This mix or collection of energy sources will fuel manufacturing, transportation and our electric grid while reducing emissions for decades and generations to come. Technology improvements, along with their timely application, will be an important pillar to our country’s energy success.

JR Gilbert Energy LLC HAS worked with various companies and universities since its formation, including those listed


Rusty (John R.) Gilbert

Owner, JR Gilbert Energy LLC

Rusty Gilbert is President and owner of JR Gilbert Energy LLC after serving more than 40-years with Chevron and Gulf Oil. In his last assignment, served as General Manager of new Technology Deployment and Adoption in Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV), successfully leading the implementation and use of externally developed innovative technology solutions across Chevron operations.

In Pittsburgh, PA (2013-15), Rusty’s team applied new technology to unconventional plays which reduced cost and increased performance. A rotational assignment in Cabinda-Angola (2010-12) involved mentoring CABGOC national staff to become proficient earth scientists. While in Business Development (2008-10), he led a major effort to providing optimal reservoir management solutions involving carbonate and siliciclastic rocks. This led to delineation of reserves and optimal development scenarios in preparation for a bid round in southern Iraq. Working out of TX & CA, held numerous leadership assignments in strategic and applied R&D teams, which supported Chevron’s worldwide shale plays and provided subsurface support for major capital projects. Other leadership assignments include exploration, production and new ventures campaigns in Alaska, California, Texas, Angola, Namibia, and southeast Asia (China, Bangladesh, Thailand, India).

Rusty has a BS degree in geology (Honors) from Rutgers University and a MS degree in geology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Prior to graduate school he briefly worked for NJ’s DEP in environmental and water resources.

Outside of work, Rusty is involved with family and recreational activities. In 2018, he created the “Patriotic Colors” mobile app for IOS & Android phones. The app offers patriotic overlays to new and existing photos, plus has an associated e-commerce site.

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